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GitHub is one of the biggest software development platforms that help developers to host, review code and manage software projects. But now GitHub has introduced GitHub Copilot a new AI tool for developers. GitHub Copilot promises to make the software development process more efficient and faster. Therefore in this article, we will discuss the features of GitHub Copilot and how it can benefit developers.

GitHub Copilot

In easy words, GitHub Copilot is an assistant of developers that uses machine learning to suggest relevant information and actions to help developers to complete their work more quickly and efficiently. It offers real-time assistance to developers as they code, providing context-aware suggestions and recommendations that are very helpful in the development process. Above all, it’s a game-changer tool.

github copilot

How GitHub Copilot Can Benefit Developers

1. How Copilot Can Increased Productivity

This tool provides real-time suggestions in coding that help developers to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently. that’s why it increases the overall software development process and helps developers to deliver high-quality code in a shorter amount of time

2. Improved Code Quality

GitHub Copilot can suggest error-free code snippets that you can use in your own code. It can fix syntax errors in your code and suggest improvements to your code.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

One of the best features of GitHub Copilot is Collaboration. it facilitates collaboration between teams and members, as they can work together.

Using GitHub Copilot: A Step-by-Step Guide

GitHub Copilot provides many features that can improve the software development process. In this section, we will learn how to use Github Copilot step by step and we will look at some practical examples to make our development to the next level.

1. Code Completion

One of the key features of GitHub Copilot is code completion. This feature uses machine learning to suggest code snippets that are most relevant to our code strategy. Here’s an example of how it works:

GitHub Copilot Code Completeion

When you start typing “cons” in the code editor, It will suggest the code completion snippet “console.log”. and you can simply press the “Tab” key on the keyboard to insert the suggested code into your code editor. But the GitHub Copilot extension must be integrated with your editor.

2. Syntax Error Correction

Another very important feature of this tool is Syntax Error Corrector, This feature provides suggestions to fix errors in your code, this feature is very helpful for developers to identify and resolve errors. Here is an example:

GitHub Copilot Syntax Checker
In this example, there is a syntax error in the code due to a missing quotation mark. GitHub Copilot will identify the error and provide a suggestion for fixing it. Simply click on the suggestion to apply the correction to your code.

3. Code Navigation

The code navigation is a very helpful and useful feature in GitHub Copilot,  it allows us to navigate from one part to another part of the code. It reduces the search time. Here is an example:

GitHub Copilot Code NavigationGithub Copilot allows us to navigate to a specific part of the code. If you type “goodbye” it will give you suggestions to navigate “goodbyeWord” function. However this is a common feature, all most all code editor provides this feature.

4. Contextual Recommendations

A contextual recommendation in this tool is a feature that suggests code completions or entire code snippets based on the current context of the code being written. This means that Copilot takes into account the code that has already been written and suggests relevant code based on that context. It uses machine learning to generate these suggestions, which can be very helpful in speeding up the coding process and reducing errors.


Cons Of Using GitHub Copilot

1.  Logic Building and Copilot

As a beginner in programming, it’s important to take the time to learn and practice programming concepts and problem-solving skills. Relying too heavily on Copilot may prevent them from developing the ability to think critically about how to solve problems and to develop their own solutions. This type of tool is helpful when you have a proper logic building. We have to avoid using AI tools for programming in the learning phase.

2. Limited Programming Languages

These languages are well supported in GitHub Copilot (Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Go, C#, and C++) Github Copilot supports the least amount of programming language. which may limit its usefulness for some developers. However, it’s still an impressive tool for programmers.

3. Dependence On Internet Connectivity

Copilot relies on internet connectivity to function, which could be a problem in areas with poor or unreliable internet service, if you want to use GitHub Copilot You must be connected to the internet to use the proper functionality of the tool. But nowadays everybody has Internet access, so it’s not a big problem

4. Code Understanding

Copilot’s suggestions may be incorrect or not aligned with best practices, which could cause confusion for beginners who do not have a strong understanding of programming concepts. It’s important to review and understand the code generated by Copilot to ensure it aligns with the desired outcome.

5. Security Concerns

One of the major disadvantages of GitHub Copilot is the security risks associated with its use. GitHub Copilot is an AI tool it has the potential to expose very important sensitive data to unauthorized parties. Because it is integrated with GitHub, It can easily access private code repositories, and it could be to inject viruses into software projects, there is always a risk associated with AI tools, so we should follow best practices for secure software development.


  • Therefore, in Simple Words GitHub Copilot is an AI assistant for developers, it suggests relevant information in programming.
  • It offers many features to make development fast and efficiently such as code completion, syntax error correction, code navigation, and contextual recommendations based on written code.
  • This tool can increase productivity, improve code quality, and enhance collaboration between teams.
  • However, it has some limitations such as limited programming language support, dependence on internet connectivity, and the potential for it to hinder beginner developers’ logic-building and problem-solving skills.

Start Working With GitHub Copilot

What are your thoughts on using GitHub Ai Tool to improve productivity and reduce development time? Have you tried it out in your own projects, and if so, what has your experience been like?

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