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React vs React Native: Are you getting confused between these two names React and React Native?

If yes, don’t worry, here’s a brief overview of React vs React Native:

When we want development faster and more efficiently then React and React native are two of the best platform for building web and mobile applications. They are based on the same programming language which is javascript, and they both are different in terms of the platforms they target.

In this blog, we will discuss all the topics that have been mentioned bellow

  • What actually is react and react native?
  • Key differences between react and react native.
  • Market Demand of React and React Native.
  • How to learn these technologies.
  • How we can make money from these technologies.


react jsWhat is React?

React is a library that many developers use for developing website interfaces. Facebook developed React in 2011. Many famous companies use React in their own projects, such as Instagram, Netflix, and Airbnb. The best feature of React is it allows developers to build Single Page Applications (SPA). React uses a declarative syntax and component-based architecture, which makes it unique from others. Developers can make development faster by writing one component and using it as they want.


react native What is React Native?

React Native is the most popular mobile application development framework. Facebook developed and maintains React Native. React native uses the same principle as React to build mobile applications for iOS and Android. We write only JavaScript code to make applications, which makes it possible for cross-platform applications with a single codebase. It means that when developers write code in React Native, they can make separate applications for Android and iOS.


react vs react nativeThe main key difference between React and React Native are given bellow

  • Platform:  React and React Native are two different tools designed for different platforms. React is specifically created for building web applications, while React Native is designed for mobile applications.
  • Component-based Architecture:  Moreover, React is a JavaScript library for Front-end development. it is primarily focused on building reusable components that can be easily combined to build user interfaces very quickly. On the other hand, React Native also allows developers to create a native application with the same structure as React.
  • Styling:  However, React and React Native allow developers to style their applications, but they differ significantly in their approaches. React uses regular CSS or inline styles, while React Native uses a JavaScript-based styling system.
  • Rendering: For components rendering, React uses virtual DOM, which helps to identify the minimum number of changes required to update a document in the browser, this process is known as reconciliation On the other hand, React Native uses APIs and UI components to render applications, this rendering process is very different from React. React native components are almost similar to React components, but they are rendered in JSX form, not HTML and CSS.

React vs React Native Market Demand

download graph of react nad react nativeReact and React Native are highly demanded in the development market. But if we look at the past 5 years’ downloads graph, we can easily see that React has more downloads than React Native which make it more demanded in the market.


road map to learnWay To Learn React & React Native

Learning React and React Native can be an exciting journey for both web and mobile developers. With their increasing popularity and demand, having a solid understanding of these technologies can lead to Beneficial career opportunities. Here is a complete roadmap to help you learn React and React Native.

1. Fundamentals Of JavaScript

Before you start learning about React and React Native, you must learn about the fundamentals of javascript, because these two technologies are based on JavaScript. you should learn the basic concepts of JavaScript like data types, variables, functions, loops, and conditional statements. After basic javascript, you should learn about ES6 (ECMAScript 2015), which is a newer version of JavaScript. ES6 provides some amazing features to simplify development. For good practice, you must understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous programming.

2. Basics Of React

Learning React and React Native take time and practice, if you set a proper learning strategy you can easily learn React and React Native. after learning the fundamentals of JavaScript now it’s time to learn about the JSX and components structure of React. The understanding structure is very important to get clear concepts. You can also learn React Hooks to manage stateful logic.

3. Understanding Fundamentals of React Native

The coding structure of React Native and React is very similar. After learning the basic of React, we should explore the core components of React Native. how to create mobile layouts, styling, handling input, and animations. After this now it’s time to learn about how to use debug tools in React Native.

4. Build Real World Projects.

Now it’s time to challenge yourself, by making real-world projects. You can start with simple projects, such as a to-do app or weather app and a news listing website. These projects can help you to understand how to apply your knowledge in a practical setting and work with different libraries and APIs. after making some projects you will find yourself as a developer.


make moneyMake Money With React and React Native

After polished skills, you can generate handsome income from React and React Native. I will give you three amazing ideas for making money.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best way to generate handsome income online, there are many freelance platforms where you can find clients and work for them. The top five freelancing platforms are Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

2. Build & Sell Your Templates.

Another way to make money with React and React Native is by developing and selling templates and components. You can create custom UI components or entire templates that other developers can use to build their applications. You can sell these templates on platforms like CodeCanyon, WrapBootstrap, or ThemeForest.

3. Participate In Hackathons or Competitions

Many hackathons or competitions focus on building applications with React or React Native. You can participate in these events to showcase your skills and potentially win prize money or even job opportunities.



  • React is a popular open-source JavaScript library used for building user interfaces.
  • React Native is a framework used to build mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Key differences between React and React Native include their platform targets, component libraries, and developer experience.
  • Market demand for both React and React Native is high, with numerous job opportunities and a large developer community.
  • Learning React and React Native require a Basic understanding of JavaScript, and should have a good logic building.
  • There are many ways to make money from React & React Native, one of the best approaches is freelancing where you can find clients and make a handsome income.


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